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À la carte

Restaurant located near Honfleur

Type of food : Traditional, Gastronomic, French

The Entrees

6 Raw Oysters n°2 Natures 18 €

6 Warm Oysters n°2 of Gouville-sur-Mer 20 €,           

Matignon of Vegetables and Spanish Saffron and Jurançon

Homemade Foie Gras of Duck Boiled in the Cloth 19 €,

Chutney Apples Figs, Toasts of BIO Bread

Smoked Salmon Homemade with Dill, Toast of Bio Bread 15€             


Game terrine (Pheasant, Perdreau, Mallard), King Bolete's Chutney 12 €

 The Dishes

Fillet of Normande Breed Beef with the Sauce Confit of Chinon 32 €


Tripes with Cider, Carrots, Bouillon of Cooking 21 €

(For sale also in Jars at the Boutique, ask the Reception)


Meunier Sole of the Normandy Coast 35 €     


Turbot Filet, Risotto with Parmesan, Espuma Crustaceans 32 € 




Plateau of our regions 7.90 €



Preference in order before the meal

Half-cooked Chocolate with "Guanaja" Heart € 12

Ice-parfait  Wild Blackberries Home Made € 9

 Wild Strawberry Gratin with Passion Fruit€ 12

Soft Chocolate "Guanaja" Raspberry, Tile lace Chopped Almonds € 12

Savarin of Marguerite with Maraschino, Contry Strawberry, Lemo Nameleka € 12

  • Timing
    Lunch from 12:00 PM to 2:00 PM
    Diner open from 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM
Net prices in euros, including service.
According to the daily market, some dishes can be replaced during operation

Prix Net en euros, Service compris.

Selon le marché du jour, certains plats peuvent être remplacés en cours de service...